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I. Requirements for Applicants:
1.Ages: Bachelor 17-27 years old
        Master 22-37 years old
2.Applicants should have on criminal record
3.Applicants should be without any infective diseases
4.Applicants should have available passport
II. Programs in English for Applicants:
Bachelor degree:
1. Electrical Engineering and Automation
2. Software Engineering
3. Tourism Management
4. Business Administration
5. Finance
Master degree
1.Business Management
2.Tourism Management
3.Software Engineering
III. Necessary documents:
(1)scanned document of photo page of passport(.jpg)
(2)scanned document of one blank page of passport(.jpg)
(3)scanned document of diploma or degree certificate(.jpg)
(4)scanned document of transcript(.jpg)
(5)scanned document of sponsorship letter(.jpg)
(6)filled application (.doc)
(7)scanned bank receipt of application fee (500RMB or 90 dollars)
Note:(1)transferred students need scan the Residence Permit of the passport instead of blank page of passport.should offer original copy of transfer letter.
 (2)transcript need be cooperated with diploma or degree.
 (3)application need be filled with computer, sent back in form of .doc, printed or scanned ones are NOT acceptable.

IV. Processing the Documents:

English speaking students:dana2200@163.com
Russian speaking students:287040@qq.com
Korean speaking students:wjuanjuan369@163.com
Japanese speaking students:yueyinyin0429@yahoo.com.cn

2.Application fee:
Applicants’ documents having been examined , University will send an email to confirm. After confirming, applicants can send application fee to :
户 名:王雅娟
帐 号:601 382 050 048 010 8533
地 址:中国辽宁省锦州市凌河区解放路5段25号
Bank of China Jinzhou Branch
Address:No.25 Section 5 Jiefang Road Linghe District Jinzhou City Liaoning China
Swift Code:BKCHCNBJ82F
Account No. 601 382 050 048 010 8533
Account name:Wang Yajuan (王雅娟)

3.Applicants should scan the bank receipt and send to the mailbox and call to confirm at+86-416-3400217 in order to get the scanned receipt from college.

4.In two weeks, applicants’ admission letters, JW202 and Guide to International Students at Bohai will be sent to the address mentioned at application or offered by Agents。
V. Fees Structure
1. Application Fee:  500RMB
2. Tuition:
16000 RMB each year for Postgraduates
13000 RMB each year for undergraduates
10000 RMB each year for Chinese Language Students
3. Accommodations:
9000RMB each year for each person in a single room
6000RMB each year for each person in a double room
4. Visa Fee: 800RMB each year
5. Medical Examination: 400RMB each year
6. Insurance: 600RMB each year
7. Bedding: 380RMB
8. Deposit for Room: 1000RMB (refundable by receipt when leaving)
VI. Contact Us:
1. dana2200@163.com (English)
2. 287040@qq.com (Russian)
3. wangjuanjuan369@163.com(Korean)
Contact No.
Phone No.  +86-4163400217
Fax: +86-416-3400619

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